Thursday, June 05, 2008


Hello again. Back with another fine selection of Z-Grade gems. I'll make this brief today as there is a large batch of Japanese VHS to choose from this round. Starting off with action, we have I COME IN PEACE aka: DARK ANGEL starring the ever towering DOLPH LUNDGREN, the car crash spectacular from H.B. HALICKI... THE JUNKMAN, HEATHER THOMAS in the super-bike sci-fi schlock actioner from FRED OLEN RAY entitled CYCLONE, HK assassin gem BLACK CAT starring SIMON YAM, and a Western all-star epic BITE THE BULLET featuring the talents of JAN-MICHAEL VINCENT, JAMES COBURN, and SALLY KIRKLAND. What else? Sleaze you ask? How about DEATH SPA, the notorious gore and sleaze gem about a hi-tech work-out gym gone awry. Some classic horror is available as well including the gothic tale THE OBLONG BOX from '71 starring CHRISTOPHER LEE and SALLY GEESON and the 80s sequel to the '70s classic, THE HILLS HAVE EYES PART 2. And my favorite of this batch, the charming TOUCH OF DEATH directed by maestro LUCIO FULCI. Lots of dismemberment and bloody grue on hand for this one. Well, I'm sure I've left out quite a few choice VHS tapes in this post, so just check out our listings for yourself. Just click on any of the rotating VHS tape images in the widget shown above. And remember... NO BOOTLEGS ever with Z-Grade!

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