Thursday, June 19, 2008

MARGHERITI in Outer Space

Well, this will be short little note. This week we have the truly epic TREASURE ISLAND IN OUTER SPACE 4-VHS set (aka: STAR LEGEND - Japanese VHS box title / L' TESORO DEL ISOLA - original Italian title) for auction. I think it's nearly 8 hours of uncut viewing pleasure here, with the legendary ANTHONY QUINN in the part of Long John Silver, Billy Bones played by the manic ERNEST BORGNINE, and euro-star DAVID WARBECK as the Doc. But the most pleasant surprise was discovering Mr. BOBBY RHODES of DEMONS fame playing the part of Black Dog! As you might have guessed, the title of this film mini-series says it all. It's basically ROBERT LOUIS STEVENSON's classic novel translated into a space actioner with lots of kitschy futuristic gadgets everywhere. This is pure genius and I believe it to be ANTONIO MARGHERITI's space cinematic triumph, but you will find plenty here to remind you of PLANET ON THE PROWL or THE WAR OF THE PLANETS including some truly awesome miniature sets and space-suit fitted Barbie dolls floating around space stations. Now just because I have an obvious bias towards this particular item, doesn't mean there aren't more cinematic treasures to be had on our listings! Some sleaze, HK horror, action-schlock galore, are all for the taking. But, the TREASURE ISLAND IN OUTER SPACE set is the one item that shouldn't be missed. Just click on the widget above to see a sampling of all the other fine Z-Grade cinema for offer this week. And remember, NO BOOTLEGS EVER at Z-Grade!

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