Thursday, May 29, 2008

THE BIKINI SHOP tops this latest batch of VHS gems!

Welcome back my friends to this week's latest batch of Z-Grade VHS goodness. Sorry for the lateness in getting this post out as the missus and I were in the Big Apple. Anyway, let's get right into this since there is only 2 days left on these babies! Topping the list this week is the fashion-challenged T&A cinematic masterpiece known as THE BIKINI SHOP. If you like neon colors and granny panties... this wrong-headed 80s exercise in schlock sex comedy 101 should be right up your alley. Pick up SCHOOL SPIRIT and you can have a matching pair of jiggle features. Also available this week is the Hong Kong Cat. III sleaze horror sequel to THE UNTOLD STORY, uninspiringly titled... THE UNTOLD STORY 2. Strange thing on this rare Japanese VHS letterbox release, as there is no optical pixelation or censorship on any of the nudity! Pubic hair fans rejoice! There is also a fine varied horror selection including CREEPSHOW 2 (a guilty pleasure of The Chooper's) along with monster-themed features BLUE MONKEY along with the purposely schlock Troma feature... MONSTER IN THE CLOSET. Also, the interesting 70s GORDON HESSLER POE-based gem, MURDERS IN THE RUE MORGUE starring JASON ROBARDS, LILLI PALMER, and MARIA PERSCHY. Odder esoteric fare includes the strange live action/anime hybrid from Japan entitled THE TWILIGHT OF THE COCKROACHES as well as the BRAD PITT & CATHERINE KEENER pseudo art house vehicle... JOHNNY SUEDE! And don't forget the near religious propaganda horror rarity, the ultra low-budget direct-to-video period piece... A DAY OF JUDGMENT along with super explosive drug-fueled kidnapping action of PRIMARY TARGET starring JOHN ERICSON and the oddball karate schlock GYMKATA starring ex-gymnastics champ KURT THOMAS. If I forgot to list any other titles, just check out the widget posted here and get all the info on this week's latest batch of gems. And remember... NO BOOTLEGS EVER with Z-Grade.

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