Wednesday, July 02, 2008


It's already another week, and time for another batch of Z-Grade goodness. First off, we have a couple of sacriligious STAR WARS items, THE EWOK ADVENTURE and EWOKS: THE BATTLE FOR ENDOR. Sacriligious because most hard core fans do not consider these made-for-TV gems as part of the rich STAR WARS pantheon. We actually agree, but it doesn't mean that we can't enjoy the cheesiness of watching midgets trounce around in teddy bear outfits hitting others with sticks. And, just for the record, the second entry actually has some moments of stop-motion animated creatures that at least look cool. On a slightly grittier note (...cough...ahem...), we have an over-the-top bloody yakuza film from Nikkatsu Studios in '71 entitled appropriately, BLOODY FEUD (aka: RYUKETSU NO KOSO). Tons of sword slashing and skewering in this modern age samurai in suits actioner. And a lot of red stuff splashing everywhere. This film stars puffy-cheeked idol JOE SHISHIDO along with the ultra sexy MEIKO KAJI, better known for her roles in FEMALE CONVICT SCORPION and STRAY CAT ROCK series of exploitation gems. And she is also known as the star of LADY SNOWBLOOD! But is that all you ask? Of course not. HK gems this week include the rare crime actioner CITY WARRIORS as well as the slapstick horror comedy of MR. VAMPIRE SAGA 4, which at times borrows some scenes from EVIL DEAD 2: DEAD BY DAWN. Also, we have a sort of mystery Taiwanese production entitled MISS GHOST, which we can find very little info about anywhere. It's a fly-by-wire wizards and weirdness fantasy gem that is quite entertaining to watch. If anyone out there in blogland knows more about this film, please leave us a comment. To round out this week's stuff, we've got a modern giant insect movie... BLUE MONKEY aka: INSECT, made-for-TV espionage... A BLADE IN HONG KONG, bully vs nerd spectacle THREE O'CLOCK HIGH, '70s conspiracy theory gem... THE DOMINO PRINCIPLE, the obscure French musical comedy GOLDEN EIGHTIES directed by CHANTAL AKERMAN and starring cult actress DELPHINE SEYRIG, vintage mad scientist anime LOVE CITY aka: AI CITY, made-for-TV Los Angeles period crime drama SHAKEDOWN ON SUNSET STRIP starring JOAN VAN ARK as the madam of a prostitution ring, and last but not least, the stupendous breasts of USCHI DIGARD in the outrageous skit comedy gem from 1977, THE KENTUCKY FRIED MOVIE. Get to clicking on the widget above and get your bid on... and remember NO BOOTLEGS EVER with Z-Grade!