Sunday, June 04, 2006


To be honest, I hadn't really spent much time following AL GORE's career path since he lost the election to the big W. I guess in some way I always distrusted him, but ironically it was because of Tipper... and her short-lived music censorship plans of the 90s. I can also vaguely recall the big hullabaloo the media made over Al's new "mysterious beard" look a while back. But then again, I hold the media in the same high regard as I do the latest administration.

But then I caught the latest WIRED Magazine issue where there is a neat article about his upcoming film release... and an insightful interview with the ex-vice president himself, along with the new environmental order being directed by consumers. My interest was piqued.

Today, my wife and I went to our little cineplex in Manhattan Beach and watched the documentary... AN INCONVENIENT TRUTH. From a cinematic perspective, this gem will not win any artistic merits. But that in essence is the charm of the film. Simple, and to the point. And powerful. Both of us came away very impressed with Mr. Gore, his vision, and his slide show (as he likes to call his very compelling presentation*). BTW, at least 80% of the running time of this documentary is watching Al present his slide show in front of several live audiences.

See this movie and prepare to be informed. This is not the hack work our pal Michael Moore likes to produce with sleight-of-hand and editing magic. No, Mr. Gore deals in hard facts and delivers what may be one of the best politically-charged documentaries ever... presented in a straight-forward style, without resorting to name calling or buffoonery... like the aforementioned auteur. This film makes me proud to know there are still American leaders you can look up to in this country.

I won't hold anything against the man any longer. Hell, not even Tipper.

*His "slide show" was created on a Mac, using their fantastic presentation application called Keynote. This program kicks Microsoft's Powerpoint squarely in the balls.

Footnote: I also added this review (under the title: An inconvenient truce) to the Internet Movie Database site as well. Click here to read and vote for my review as well... if you want.


Cornflake King said...

Al Gore - a very underrated politician.

And a fan of the cornflake.

Two reasons why he should be next president.


The Chooper said...

A man of few words, and a fan of processed grain cereal flakes. Long live the cornflake king.

francis russell said...

I haven't followed Al Gore closely. He displayed some good ideas during his campaign for the Presidency but those ideas weren't enough to get him elected. Depending on who the Republicans choose to replace George Bush, Gore might take another shot at the Presidency (figuratively of course).

302 said...

Yes, I was very impressed with Mr. Gore and his vision as well. And I highly recommend seeing this film while it's still in the theaters. I keep thinking about the film over and over especially since the weather has been so wacky lately.

After both watching the film and reading the article in WIRED magazine, we bought and changed most of our lights to fluorescent light bulbs. And I'm more aware of the type of products I purchase to support the kind of businesses that care about being more eco-friendly.