Friday, June 23, 2006


1972 {aka: LOS AMIGOS}
This was a later Spaghetti Western gem I had not had the pleasure of seeing yet, so it was with much surprise to discover a scheduled showing of DEAF SMITH AND JOHNNY EARS on TCM (Turner Classic Movies) the other night. What a great oddball gem for the genre, with FRANCO NERO hamming it up completely, with ANTHONY QUINN (as the deaf one) playing the straight man. But my main goal in wanting to see this particular film, was to see the lovely PAMELA TIFFIN. I had no idea that she had some brief nude scenes in this, as seen from a distance by both the viewer and Nero's character Johnny Ears. Not sure if she used body doubles or not, but I guess it could have easily been done with a shot like this. Of course, I wasn't even sure this was her at first, regardless, because her trademark brunette hair had been dyed a brash platinum blonde. Later on, a love-making scene, that may or may not have been edited by TCM, nearly reveals a topless Pamela up close, so who knows? At times throughout the film, she is wearing what appears to be a near transparent full-length nightie that reveals peeks now and then. Maybe this was Pamela cutting loose a bit, after her earlier "good girl next door" roles. All in all, quite enjoyable and recommended viewing.

Preceding DEAF SMITH AND JOHNNY EARS was a rare widescreen broadcast of GUNS FOR SAN SEBASTIAN. Far more serious in tone, but another nice Anthony Quinn outing for sure, with a stunning ENNIO MORRICONE score. (My personal favorite Ennio Spaghetti soundtrack after ONCE UPON A TIME IN THE WEST). Unfortunately, I missed this one... and only caught the tail end of the letterbox credits while setting up the DVD recorder for the rare showing of this full-frame print of DEAF SMITH. Damn happy to see it.

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